Amrapali Museum an ode to Indian jewellery

Unseen tribal jewelry and silver objects and gold across India with pride pirouette Museum recently opened its doors Amrapali Jaipur ... Warning: .. connoisseurs and lovers of outdated jewelry ornaments - Museum Amrapali 6,500 square feet in the pink city opens a tribal treasure jewelry and beautiful objects antediluvian fine silver and gold farriery. For Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, the men behind the iconic jewelery brand Amrapali, Curating over 4000 captivating objects through 40 years has been a labor of love, rich in history and Indian traditions. Serendipity brought them to save handicrafts to be pawned or sold by villagers to give back to society in the form of an organized collection. Thus, we see a rather lyrical deployment rooms: a necklace mirrorwork sumptuous emerald green and white, 19th century, when the mirror was yet to come in India; an ornate silver Sehra (forehead ornament for the groom in Himachal Pradesh), finely crafted hairpins, mathapattis (head ornaments) kaanphools (earrings), hastphools (jewelry by hand), phools pair (jewelry feet), araipatta (belt), bichwa (toe rings) Naths (nose rings), Kadas (bracelets), the traditional headdress, Borla Rajasthani and umpteen other inside Kutch, Rajasthan, Awadh and there.

In the gold room here, the yellow metal rules in haslis (chopped) necklaces with ornamental clasps Karnataka bajubands carefully (with armbands) -DIAMANTS pink size Hyderabad; breathtaking Jadai Nagam (hair ornaments) rubies, emeralds, sapphires white ... Tamil Nadu and a brilliant Parsi necklace laced with diamond inlay and Avestan word credo. Personalized lit in drawers open noiselessly to reveal carefully displayed objects. The hooks on which the parts are suspended are hidden, highlighting expertise as strategically placed magnifiers treat visitors to the fine art behind the pieces. recessed lighting highlights the complexity ornaments and displayed curiosities, against the background of gray fabric cut roller. Backlit 3D close-up black and white sculptures or elaborate on some of the pieces make a fascinating visual mosaic. Styled filigiree of Portuguese and Thewa Gold Pratapgarh in colonial silver Kutch and Awadh workshops, the court grandoise Hyderabad precious splendid swatches Indian silks and screw Zaris, space is a pure delight for lovers art. gold and silver extended Heirloom celebrated in tissues through the art of kalamkari, through walls. A necklace of claws rare tiger, Shaligram fossilized constituting a delicate silver belt, jooties gold (shoes) studded with precious stones, silver khadau simply dazzle. Then there are the tiny gold earrings taken from the riverbed of Ganga and Yamuna. The museum is a breathtaking celebration of Indian heritage in invisible forms. A must-visit for every art lover.